Sculpture progress gallery

                    Here’s a step-by-step gallery of the progression of a recent commission.

How Watchmen writer Alan Moore’s first superhero deconstructionist tale was missing from publication for 20 years

There are surely better articles on this on the web. I wrote it for hubski to see if I could do it in twenty minutes since its a long story and I’ve been having trouble… Continue reading

Art and narrative

Working 100% visually, you’re can’t tell a story in one image. You need words. Well, you probably can if you’re telling a Bible story or something else that’s well worn. You can tell… Continue reading

Ramblers gonna ramble

There’s a difference between being a depressed man and a depressed woman. It’s just easier for a woman to fall into a relationship that can support her. I don’t like making generalizations across… Continue reading

Tiny ironic nightmares

I’m depressed past functioning. The past few days I’ve woken up energized, ready to work, get things I need to do done. In dreams. Short little dreams that are temporarily empowering before I… Continue reading

Art history lesson: Ed Kienholz

Modern art has a bad reputation. Between Damien Hirst selling spin art, Jeff Koons fucking his wife on a billboard and the level of effort needed to appreciate that Jackson Pollack dancing around… Continue reading Booth

I’m on a website called bonanza now, selling stuff at discounts which were automatically generated

Ducks. And a horse

My grandparents were born poor in western Pennsylvania, children of coal miners. More than a few of their children and grandchildren have artistic skills. My grandpa never took a class or had the… Continue reading

Free Comic Book Day

I spent Free Comic Book Day in the parking lot of Odin’s Comics in Lilburn. I didn’t sell too much but I think I handed out a lot of business cards and I… Continue reading

One Flew West

    My parents tried to kill me. I laid down and started to fall asleep but I wasn’t tired so they were probably using carbon monoxide to make it look like an… Continue reading